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As a reliable source, we can simplify your purchase in the field of pigments from China. DYROX TMis specializing in the line of all kinds of pigment, including iron  oxides, organic pigments, transparent iron oxides, fluorescent pigments, solvent pigments (dyestuffs) and some inorganic pigments such as Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green, Red Lead, Molybdate and etc. DYROX TM is growing rapidly on the export, research and production, and customers come from U.K. U.S.A, Germany, Israel, Nigeria, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and so on as well as our domestic market.


DYROX TM is ready to provide every customer quality pigments at competitive market prices. DYROX TM believes in the success comes from the spirits of honest, responsibility, promptness and professional.My friend, let's make the world colorful and beautiful!